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Organisation défensive du Royaume-Uni pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale — Wikipédia

For the nrst time, this day we had a very se.

Marc Sangnier, French Catholicism and the Legacy of the First World War, 1914–45

They are on this subject aU orators. They do not mean that any one was paid for betraying his trust by receiving a bribe, but that Marmont and others haying become very rich under Bonaparte, desired to spend their fortunes in peace, and had, therefbre, deserted their master. He seemed to think, that it was an easy thing for Bonaparte to have equipped as good a navy as ours. To-morrow we expect to be at Nevers.

At Cosne, the on.

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Thousands of boxes,. Their great denciency is in steel, for their best goods are near. We bought here some very pretty little toys for children, made of small coloured beads. We start to. Distance about 19 ntiles to Cosne. Tma day's journey the l2th , was the most fatiguing.

Pourquoi faire un don ?

The country between Cosne and Nevers is, with the exception of one or two fine views from the heights on the road, the poorest, and, though well cultivated, bas the least pretensions to beau. It seems a! The soil is graveUy, with a mixture ofchalk, and there occurs what 1 have not yet elsewhere seen, a great deal of fallow land,. The instru.

Ennemis Intimes ep.98

The farm horses godd. He struck his forehead, when he said, Nous n'avons plus la guerre. Their horses are not to be compared with ours, either in size or beauty, and those of their officers are not so good, by any means, as the horses of our men in the guards. Distance, 34 miles-to Nevers. WE went to walk in the town this morning, the 13th. They are every day suniciently nitby, but on Sunday, from the concourse of people, more.

They never have a pavement to fly to for clean walking, and for safety from the carnages. Thus they cheat the Devil, and, as they think, render sunicient homage to him who hath said, on that day thou shalt do no manner of work. After church, we went to the convent of St Marv, and were all admitted, both ladies and gentlemen. Their pensioners chiefly children from four to. This convent was very neat and clean. The cloisters were ornamented with pots of roses and carnations in full bloom, with the care of which the young pensioners amused themselves.

Ils manufactures are china, gtass, and enamelted goods; toys of glass beads, and little t'rifles. Great silence. Ah how terrible is this house If is. We are every day learning more and more how to. Tnis day we left Nevers. Thisis a melancholy desideratum in France, a want for which nothing can compensate. The road this day conducted us through a nner district.

No longer the sand, and gravel,.

– ouvert mercredi, jeudi et vendredi de 16 à 18h30,

At the inn bere, 1 saw a num. On entering into conversation with him, he told me that his toes had. To-morrow, we set out at seven. Our three horses seldom take less than 10, sometimes 13 hours to their day's journey, of from 28 to 32 miles;, but our carriage is large and roomy and had. The greatest annoyance arises from your having aiways to choose from the two evils, of being eitber shamefblly imposed upon,. He continued to proceed so slowly, that we only reached Varrenes at four c'eloek, a distance of 22 miles from MouHns, where we had last slept. Moulins is the fin est town we have seen since we left Paris.

It ia famous for its cutlery, and bas a small manufacture of silk stocMngs we saw some of the cutlery very neat and highly polished in soine parts, but coarse and ill finish. The variety of shapes which the French give their knives is very amusing.

Organisation défensive du Royaume-Uni pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale

The road between Moulins and Varrenes is through a much prettier country than we have. The ploughing. AU the country is enclosed, and the lands well dressed. The wheat is not nearly so far advanced here, whieh must arise from its being more lately sowed, for the winter is oniy commencing; many of the trees are still in full leaf.

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We cannot well judge of any. The cottages on the road, and in the small towns, are generally very dirty, and inhabited by a very motley and promiscuous set of be.. WE left Varrenes this morning, at six o'' dock, and entered on a new country, whieh presented to us a greatervariety of scenery. After travelting for so long a time through a country which was almost uniformly. Bat, our sensations were delightful in again ap. The roads we found extremely bad, and although we have had rain, I do not think that their con.

They want repair, and appear to have been insufficiertt in their metal from the first. We were obliged here to have a fourth horse, which our coachman ordered and paid for; he went with us as far as Droiturier, and then left us. We made out 28 miles of bad road, between six in the morning and four in the evening. In our route. Many little cottages were scattered upanddown in.

She recommended Nice. One of these parties a small troop of dragoons we met on the road.

On our route to-day, we crossed the Loire at a pretty large and busy town, called Roanne. The river here is very large, but bas only a wooden bridge over it there are some fine arches, fbrming the commencement of a most magnificent new stone-bridge, the work of Napoleon.

Although in a mountainous. But it would not be easy to conceive. Heisamost excellent, sober and discreet man, and. To-day, we passed two very pretty clear streams. To-morrow we start again at six, and hope to sieep within four leagues of Lyons. The'air is warm and pleasant, the sky uncloud. Every inch of the ground on.

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The houses of the peasants are still excellent, but there appears a great want of cattle. At Tarrare, 1 am sorry to say, we found a want of almost every comfort. The ploughs here are very small and ill made they have no wheels, and are drawn by oxen.