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From these conjectures and its prominent appearance in the jade slip, it appeared like these rainbow beads held a significant relation towards the Heavenmend Pearl. He wasn't about to rashly swallow them without further deliberation. With some further thought, he decided to leave this hidden room and head towards the insect rooms.

They were split into five stone rooms of differing sizes. One of the swarms had followed Han Li through Heavenvoid Hall in a display of amazing strength, with the tens of thousands Gold Devouring Beetles having consumed no small number of Ironfire Ants. The other swarm was made up of the thousand elites he had left in his cave residence at Heavenly Star City. Perhaps due to eating a great number of Ironfire Ants, the tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles appeared to be on the verge of reproducing. Rather, his delay in refining it didn't seem to affect the spirit beast all that much.

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They had a position on the list of exotic insects despite being ranked quite low. Given enough time, they could possibly evolve into a Flame Mirage Moth. While they would still be somewhat weaker than the Gold Devouring Beetles, ranking seventeen on the list of exotic insects, they had an innate ability of transformation. While its power was formidable, its description was quite vague. It seems this insect had seldomly been seen even in ancient times. As such, in spite of the old eccentrics flabbergasted gaze, he had chosen to gather up the Gold Threaded Silkworms that were on the verge of death.

They had been discarded by Wan Tianming without the slightest hesitation as the Gold Threaded Silkworms had nearly exhausted the entirety of their Origin Qi at the time. After acquiring them, Han Li continuously fed them Soul Nurturing Pills and other rare spiritual medicines. However, all this had seemingly accomplished at this point was prolonging the inevitable. With each passing day, they grew increasingly haggard and Han Li could only helplessly watch as they continued to decline. At that moment, an idea suddenly came to him. At that moment, the huge dark-green silkworms were motionlessly lying on the ground as if they had already died.

Han Li entered the room without hesitation and circled around the exotic insects for a moment before picking out the male and female silkworms with the strongest spirit amongst them. Afterwards, he took out two rainbow beads from the jade box and fed one to each silkworm before leaving the room. With the grand reputation of the Heavenmend Pill, their medicinal powers should be beyond miraculous.

Naturally, if the Gold Threaded Silkworms responded negatively to the beads, he would no longer pay any heed to the beads. The following days were spent looking after the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng with the utmost care. This unique root was of great importance to his later formation of a Nascent Soul. At the center of his medicinal garden, Han Li sectioned off a small piece of earth. After placing down formation flags that he had specifically refined for the task, the surrounding soil became an impenetrable layer of golden stone.

Han Li had no intention of keeping it there for long. After all, it could have a negative effect on the spirit ginseng if they were separated for too long. After tearing off the talismans and opening the box, a streak of white light shot out of the box and circled around the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng before disappearing inside it.

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It seemed the white rabbit incarnation was filled with trepidation since it had already been captured once before. It was quite timid. He then put the thought aside for the time being. These tests would have to be saved for later. Furthermore, the green liquid might greatly increase the abilities of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng, allowing it to possibly escape from the formation spell and leave him overcome with grief. It was best to be careful. With that thought, Han Li no longer paid any attention to the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng after successfully containing it.

As for the green liquid, Han Li was currently using all of it to mature the Soul Nurturing Tree, one of the renowned three divine woods.

Although it was only a small root, Han Li was confident that within several years, it would regrow back into a ten thousand year tree. Originally, Han Li intended to study the Heavenvoid Cauldron, and see if he could find a way to open it. It kept blurring into afterimages in the air, making it difficult to see where its true body was. If he had to use all his trump cards against a lower level Vicious Beast, what would he do when facing stronger Vicious Beasts?

His speed was on par with the lynx and their strength were similar. These were the best conditions to do battle in. Only in this kind of a situation would he be tempered and enhanced the most! Su Chen could clearly see the path of its movement and could even see the its tail swaying as it glided through the air. He could see the whiskers at the edge of its lips and its sharp claws raking through the air, ripping through the void.

He could see its grimacing face The blow that was aimed at its head ended up landing on its tail instead. Su Chen once again accurately pinned down its location and hacked, anticipating the path that the lynx would take.

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The lynx's vision went dark upon impact. Su Chen then hacked down with his blade again, dazing the lynx with a barrage of fierce attacks. Light mode Dark mode. Increase font Reduce font. Chapter Mirage Lynx. Chapter Mirage Lynx Su Chen waited at the peak of the mountain for three days. However, only Wild Beasts came in those three days. Not a single Vicious Beast appeared.

Success always favored those with diligence. Thus, it was best just to diligently wait. This wait lasted for four more days. The seventh evening. Deep into the night, the wind was very cold.

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  6. Su Chen was sweetly sleeping at the peak of the mountain. A lynx landed agilely on the cliff. It turned its body in the air and landed on the ground. There was a shallow cut on its chest. The strike had only nicked its skin. A Vicious Beast! One had finally appeared. It appeared behind Su Chen in an instant and prepared to strike him from behind. However, the more his condition was such, the more he needed to temper himself. The lynx was only a lower level Vicious Beast, an existence on the same level as Lin Xie.

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    Relying too much on Origin Tools would do away with the meaning of tempering himself anyways. Time seemed to slow for him as movement in his surroundings appeared to slow as well. The Mirage Lynx was no longer too fast to see and its figure began to sharpen in his eyes. The Mirage Lynx emitted the most desolate wail it had since their battle had begun.

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    This blow was much heavier than the previous blow that Su Chen had landed. But that was fine. His next blow would be a bit more accurate. Su Chen hacked in its direction again. The lynx jumped up in evasion, once again drawing out a long string of afterimages. The lynx quirked its lips in a final grimace.